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Organizational Communication Training

For your company
  • Increase profitability and productivity.
  • Turn conflict into cooperation.
  • Transform resistance into support during organizational change
  • Create cohesive teams
  • Simplify complex information for business presentations

Results of Training

Include the following:
  • Increase profitability and productivity
  • Reduce conflict and cultivate collaboration
  • Create culture of camaraderie where employees want to be
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Develop stronger commitment to job, teams, projects, and organization
  • Achieve greater understanding between employees, departments, management, and generations
  • Develop climate of trust and positive attitudes
  • Foster happier employees

A Solution for Every Company

Presentations available as

Trainings, keynotes, breakout sessions, full day and half day interactive workshops.

Solve Organizational Problems

Caused by dysfunctional communication

Miscommunication and misunderstanding costs companies millions of dollars and wastes substantial amounts of time every year.

Prevent and alleviate dysfunctional communication in your organization through clear communication.


“Patty did a great job speaking at our HR Star Conference at the L.A. Convention Center. She scored a 91% approval rate, which I consider pretty amazing for a first time speaker at our conference and L.A. is the most critical of all our conference cities. It is very rare a first time speaker gets scores anywhere near 80%, let alone 91%, including speakers I’ve had for years. In my opinion she’s right up there at the top for best presenter and we will definitely have her back at our conferences in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Congratulations are definitely in order!”

Braden Albert, President, HR Star Conference

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  • Transform Resistance into Support During Organizational Change


    Transform Resistance into Support During Organizational Change When introducing a change in your organization do you wonder why employees tend to resist it rather than get on board and support it? It is imperative to provide clear and continual communication to employees, customers, and all stakeholders during any form of change, whether it is simple […]

  • Communicate Clearly: Explain Decisions

    Business conference

    Communicate Clearly: Explain Decisions  Do you let your employees know why a promotion or raise did or did not occur? Do you know how to best communicate with someone when they are not given what they want or expect? I have a Clear Communication Smart Tips Video that will help you effectively deal with this situation. […]

  • Understand Other’s Perspective


    Understand Other’s Perspective Have you ever worked with a disgruntled employee: someone who always complains and is miserable? Have you wondered how to best deal with them? I have a Clear Communication Smart Tips Video that will help you connect with them and improve your relationship. Consider the behavior they are exhibiting and what might be […]