Turn Conflict Into Cooperation 

Is conflict interfering with employee job satisfaction, slowing down production, and making the workplace environment unpleasant? Are people arguing, having personality clashes, or are some employees just difficult to work with? Conflict erodes relationships and the work climate beyond those immediately involved. It’s contagious and depending on its extent can have a powerful negative impact on the company image. Customers don’t like to interact with companies that are having problems, especially if the media becomes involved. Today’s powerful social media involves the customers and the public immediately. Depending on the extent of the conflict, lawsuits and liability can also become an issue. This can include such things as harassment, prejudice, and bullying. All of this can impact the company’s bottom line profits.

This training will show companies how to defuse conflict, turn destructive conflict into constructive conflict, prevent negative fallout from conflict to employees, stakeholders, customers, and the media. Ultimately it will help improve the working environment, how people get along, productivity, and profitability.


  • Build trust and cooperation during conflict
  • Strengthen relationships rather than divide people
  • Deal with challenging employees and explosive situations
  • Change destructive conflict into constructive conflict
  • Defuse impact of negative employees on work environment
  • Create a positive productive work environment with employees who get along
  • Prevent work slowdowns, decreased productivity, and high absenteeism
  • Improve morale, create pleasant working environment that attracts good workers.
  • Generate more profitability