Clear Communication Increases Profitability and Productivity

Unclear communication costs companies millions of dollars every year in wasted time, decreased productivity, missed deadlines, and employee turnover. A recent study shows that 55% of costly mistakes in the workplace are due to miscommunications. This training shows companies where and how these miscommunications occur, from simple everyday communication to major projects, and how to eradicate them. Clear communication can increase productivity, reduce mistakes, build trust, strengthen relationships across teams and with clients, create satisfied long-term customers, foster happier employees, and ultimately increase profits.


  • Avert three most costly communication mistakes.
  • Eradicate miscommunication between individuals and across teams.
  • Take clear specific steps to substantially improve communication in your company.
  • Develop strong interactive communication skills
  • Actively listen and produce results
  • Make a difference by giving recognition and appreciation
  • Effectively give and receive positive and negative feedback
  • Inspire and motivate others
  • Open up communication between departments, employees, management, and generations