Simplify Complex Information for Business Presentations


Do you have a technical or complex message you need to convey to an audience who may have trouble understanding it? Oftentimes the message is clear to the presenter, but not to the audience. This can impact closing a sale, or communicating important information to an audience who needs to understand it to perform their job correctly. This training shows companies how to present complex information clearly and concisely, how to make complicated material simple and easy to understand. It also helps shyer employees to speak with confidence, captivate the audience, and produce intended results, which translates into saving and making more money.


  • Present complex information clearly so it is easy to understand
  • Speak with confidence, clarity, and composure
  • Connect and interact with audience
  • Captivate your audience and keep them engaged
  • Calm nerves and present powerfully
  • Make a positive first impression and a lasting memorable impression
  • Use PowerPoint to enhance your message
  • Anticipate, listen to, and respond with confidence to questions
  • Increase profitability