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As Seen On-1

“Patty did a great job speaking at our HR Star Conference at the L.A. Convention Center. She scored a 91% approval rate, which I consider pretty amazing for a first time speaker at our conference and L.A. is the most critical of all our conference cities. It is very rare a first time speaker gets scores anywhere near 80%, let alone 91%, including speakers I’ve had for years. In my opinion she’s right up there at the top for best presenter and we will definitely have her back at our conferences in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Congratulations are definitely in order!”

Braden Albert, President, HR Star Conference

“Dr. Patty Malone’s engaging training has driven solid communication skills to the forefront of our management staff. Managers say they feel stronger and more confident in their careers and overall they’ve become more involved with their teams and other departments within the company. Among the top benefits of the training is communication has become stronger, more frequent, and has increased productivity with projects that involve multiple teams.

Clear Communication Training has been so very beneficial for the management staff, that we are now doing further training for the teams and continued ongoing training for stronger management and leadership.”

~Nancy Dewing, HR Director, Capario

“Dr. Patty Malone was a terrific speaker. Her message was exactly what our entrepreneurs needed to hear. She was truly one of the best speakers we had all year. Our evaluations showed she was the highest rated speaker we had.  She was professional, knowledgeable and she involved the audience with her exercises and discussion. I’d definitely suggest Dr. Malone for group presentations or training!”

~Lisa Goodwin, Executive Managing Director, eWomenNetwork Orange County Chapter

“Dr. Patty Malone is a very effective speaker: engaging, informative, and gives practical examples. She gave several take-aways in a short period of time that we could put to use right away! I would definitely attend another event where Patty is speaking. She is smart, well spoken and enjoyable to listen to. I look forward to listening to her CD: Communicate Clearly, Improve Your Bottom Line.”

~Laura Volpe, Professional Women United Program Committee Sr. Account Manager, The Creative Group

“When you get Dr. Patty Malone (as a speaker, trainer or coach), you get more-much more than you expect (especially in terms of value and results). We were very fortunate to have Dr. Patty Malone as a guest speaker for our Lunch & Learn session. She is everything you want a guest speaker to be; knowledgeable of the topic, great at holding the interest of the audience, humorous in her delivery of the information, interactive, and welcomed questions. The staff was completely engaged by Patty and after the session surrounded her to ask further questions. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a speaker for any organization.”

~Brigid Stancin, HR Manager, Encompass Digital Media, Inc.

“Thank you for a most productive presentation, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the members and guests. Completing the survey for your presentation “From Conflict to Cooperation” only confirmed the positive remarks from the attending membership – “confident, informative, well organized, dynamic interactive speaker, easy to apply techniques at work, home, either with professional and/or personal relationships. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated from administrative professionals who strive every day to improve their communication skills and become the effective liaisons within their organizations.”

~Martha Ramirez, PDD—Speaker Coordinator, IAAP Orange Empire Chapter

“When I was asked by my client to look for a global communication expert, a speaker for Creating World Connections | India, the second annual Indian trade conference, Dr. Patty Malone is the only name that came to mind. Patty was a phenomenal speaker, paying consistent attention to her audience, engaging and interacting with them throughout her speaking engagement. Her content was relevant to the industry and the audience in the room. I personally appreciated her flexibility, adaptability and teamwork through the normal chaos of the day at the conference. I highly recommend Dr. Patty Malone as a speaker.”

~Divya Burton, Senior Consultant/Owner, GRIDS Consulting, India 2012

“Dr. Patty Malone spoke to the West Coast Apparel and Footwear Industry Credit Group on “Clear Communication Increases Profitability.” Her presentation was very well received by the many companies represented at the meeting. Every company in attendance had high praises for Dr. Malone and felt their company would benefit from working with them individually. I would encourage other organizations to consult with Dr. Malone.”

~Caroline Anderson, National Account Executive, NACM Oregon

“Loved the audience participating and activities. Good personal examples.”

~Cindy Burns, SPHR Burns Consulting, NHRAOC

“Loved that you gave examples! It made your presentation come to life. Also like the interactive participation!”

~Alaina Barron, HR, Advantage Placements, NHRAOC

“You are very dynamic! Wow!”

~Joe Tosto,  Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce, India 2012

“Dr. Patty Malone is exceptional in organizational, interpersonal, and mass communications. Her recent presentation at Creating World Connections | India, strategically highlighted the urgency of applying effective communication skills within any environment. She creatively engages with her audiences through hands-on examples that successfully portray the need for clear verbal and nonverbal communication. The feedback she receives is positive and it emphasizes on her ability to continuously excel in every aspect of her field. As a former student, I have been positively influenced and encouraged by her presentations and I have immediately applied all that I have learned from her within my interpersonal, organizational, and mass communication roles.”

~Denise Manacop, Grids Public Relations, India 2012

“Dr. Patty Malone was a presenter at our recent Performance Management Virtual Conference at Her session proved to be a great resource for our members. Her speaking skills and her ability to keep our online audience engaged was part of the success. Her knowledge of her subject was obvious to all!”

~Helen Spittle, Performance Management, HR.Com

“This was the best speaker I heard today. She didn’t just read the slides but was knowledgeable about her subject and passionate.”

~Jane Mears, HR Director, Anderson County Library,

“Patty’s concise and informative training has helped me to better understand and manage my team.”

~Leon McFadden, Sr. Manager EDI Development, Capario

“Excellent presentation and seminar! Very well prepared, insightful and motivational, interactive, useful knowledge applications, and real world expertise.”

~Ryan Shumate, Director, Vendor Sales, Capario

“This session was one of the most enjoyable training sessions I’ve ever had. Today’s training helped me reinforce management skills that may be going dormant because of routine day to day work. I feel empowered to tackle an issue that I have been wrestling with and I can use this as a guide.”

~Beverly Gunter, Manager, Quality Assurance, Capario

“Patty’s style encourages all that attend to participate and get out of their comfort zones. Each training session is filled with takeaways that can be shared with other associates.”

~Patrick Malecky, Provider Sales Director, Capario

“Today’s meeting about introvert and extrovert communication has been the most insightful and helpful to me so far. I’d highly recommend this to other groups. You challenged us while making it fun.”

~Teresa Stubbs, Marketing Director, Capario

“Patty is an enthusiastic speaker and trainer and presents clear thoughts and ideas on how to improve in a nutshell on areas of communication.”

~Jamie Rose, Director Payer Relations, Capario

“Patty is very engaging and easy to listen to. She has given our team some great ideas to take back today.”

~Wendy Martel, Executive Assistant

“Gives real life examples, which are useful. Engages entire room—ensures participation from all.”

~Angela McKenna, Vice President Sales and Account Management, Capario

“The material and speaker makes one think about different situations and things that we may have a tendency to forget or not do because it is not easy. We have to keep trying to step outside our comfort zones and Patty inspires us to do that.”

~Abdiel Sanchez, Manager Platform Development IT, Capario

“The topic discussed today was very useful especially for first time supervisors like me where I learn something and actually get to apply it.”

~Giselle Vestil, Senior Financial Analyst, Capario

“Very well organized and useful information. Easy to apply exercises to regular work environment. I always take something useful that I’ve learned from her sessions back to the office to implement with my team or others in the organization.”

~Michelle Lyons, Controller, Capario

“Patty has been a great speaker/trainer. I have taken away some really good information and am applying it in day-to-day operation. Team building trainings have been interesting, engaging, and fun.”

~Theresa Philipson, Enrollment Manager, Capario

“You kept me very engaged, which is hard to do. Great job!  The time flew by, not easy in these types of gatherings. I was really motivated.”

~Joe Victorino, EDI Manager Operations, Capario

“Training was engaging and provided many insights into other personalities and work. It is helpful to review and think of these trainings when dealing with the team.”

~Shanon Sharp, EDI Analyst, Capario

“The group activities are great and provide a way to understand the topic in an easy way. Gained valuable information not only in the workplace, but in life as well. Thank you.”

~Ray Carbonell, Senior EDI Analyst, Capario

“There were many good working points I can share back at the office. I appreciated the information and manner of presentation.”

~Jessica Berlier, Cunningham Group Architecture

“Interactive. You have great energy!”

~Doug Pancake, Douglas Pancake Architects

“I loved the visual games we played to show the nonverbal communication.”

~Sunday Sagmit, Douglas Pancake Architects

“Very good pearls of wisdom. Can use immediately at work.”

~Joe Belden, Belden Hiramoto Liu & Co

“Very interesting and interactive.”

~Susan Crook, Kevin Crook Architect Inc.

“Light, friendly, fun. Very encouraging for participation.”

~Earleen Thomas, Cornerstone Insurance Specialty Services

“Covered great perspective of personal traits. Did a great job of bringing up issues, which are useful to take back to the workplace.”

~Jeff Carlile, Carlile Coatsworth Architects

“Upbeat & fun.”

~Jeffrey Gill, President American Institute of Architects OC

“Loved the stories!”

~Jill Griffith, BHL & Co, LLP

“Speaking tone and presentation is excellent.”

~Chris Heidrick, Valley Crest Design

“Very useful tips. Clearly presented.”

~Frank Martinez, Griffin Structures, Inc.

“I learned many key points to improve my communication. Everyone should have a refresher on this yearly.”

~Steve Hohl, American Society of Irrigation Consultants

“Provided examples from personal experience that we could relate to. Enables audience to connect with speaker and presentation.”

~Jody Negrin, Nutrilite

“Gave us great tips on how to solve conflict. How to change the way we talk and respond.”

~Donna Call, T.Z. Case

“Conflict can be a tough topic. I appreciate the practical tips.”

~Bonnie Tazza, CVWD Water

“This presentation will help me to be more aware of my comments and how to approach a person with a situation in a positive way.”

~Diana Dorado, Fullerton Joint Union High School District

“You moved around the room and connected with us and I felt like you were listening better than standing far from us at a podium.”

~Christine Bennett, Self-Employed

“I learned new ways to deal with conflict and this reinforced things I know.”

~Gloria Shoemaker, AARP

“Clear, concise, and engaging. Used real life examples.”

~Ellen Celaya

“Very engaging with useful suggestions on how to change the situation.”

~Leticia Villareal, OC Water District

“Dr. Malone offered excellent constructive responses we can take back to out workplace and home life.”

~Phyllis Deaves

“This was very timely for me because I’m currently finding myself needing conflict resolution tips. You provided very valuable insights—looking at situation from both sides.”

~Ecri Gutierrez, Western International Securities

“Dr. Malone kept the audience involved. It was a very interactive presentation!”

~Mardy Ousley, City of Santa Ana

“Dr. Patty you really put things clearly and give us valuable examples of resolving conflict. Thank you!”

~Donna Kendrena, City of Rancho Cucamonga

“Kept our interest through interactive participation. Made me think about my own behavior.”

~Angi Christensen, City of Santa Ana

“The content was great and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed your talk.”

~Theresa Bergin, HP

“Dr. Malone provided great tips on conflict resolution. The presentation was very informative and interactive.”

~Kathleen Hill, USC

“Patty presented information and ideas to work through conflict in a way that is clear and concise that I can use both professionally and personally.”

~Gloria Rossiter, IAAP San Diego

“Kept presentation on topic and provided real-life examples and solutions to real problems that come up in the workplace.”

~Sonya Bloodworth, Western Municipal Water District

“Great presentation with valuable tips for personal and in the workplace communication dealing with conflict.”

~Evelia Castellanos, IAAP

“Very interactive and informative.”

~Jean Perry, Western Municipal Water District

“Patty gave concrete tools to help me reframe my attitude to help break the negative cycle of conflict.”

~Christina Riley, Cucamonga Valley IAAP

“Provided an awesome presentation. Very interesting.”

~Cindy Camargo, Cucamonga Valley IAAP

“Patty was very clear. Stuck to the point of the presentation. Presentation met expectations and more.”

~Beverly Lipscomb, IAAPOC

“Enjoyed how you interacted with audience. You are very knowledgeable on your topics. I felt comfortable speaking up because of your advice.”

~Rebecca Barrgan, Beckman Coulter

“Got me to thinking about my situation at work—how to make positive changes with the team.”

~Jill Wall, SCE

“Delivery was very engaging. Loved the flow because it kept me wanting more.”

~Orlin Pilapil, Caliber Construction

“Very interactive and interesting.”

~Stephanie Creede, Roy’s

“Good overall presentation. Kept the room engaged with presentation.”

~Donald Mileisy, Roy’s

“Loved the communication exercises and enjoyed talking about how communication can be so costly.”

~Tracy Doss, Roy’s

“Loved the stories!”

~Jill Griffith, Roy’s

“Great presentation. Learned a lot!”

~Kevin Dao, Roy’s

“The activities and stories helped keep me engaged and focused.”

~Taylor Whitt, Roy’s

“Very insightful. Learned a lot more in depth about miscommunication and communication that you never really think about.”

~Shanna Nguyen, Roy’s

Listening and not assuming I understand without asking questions

Douglas McDonald, Aqua Engineering

Very well done. I thought I might be bored and I wasn’t. You kept me paying attention.

David Pagano, d.d. Pagnano, Inc.

I really liked the activities during the presentation. It kept me from zoning out and getting engaged in the topic.

Chris Wright, Baseline, Inc.

Presentation format – kept me engaged. Great topic. Very important.

Forrest Jammer, TRA

Very well presented, engaging, and easy to understand. I learned a whole bunch. Thank you!

Ray Arthur, I.S.C. Group

Your presentation was energizing and well prepared, especially for the short tome you had to deliver it!

Bernard Everling, KTU&A

Can clearly see how presentation is helpful in mitigating conflicts.

Timothy Fredericks, Fredericks McGran Ltd.

Fun presentation with relevant examples and fun interaction throughout that kept me engaged.

Amelia Feichter, Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.

Easy to follow and informative. Thought provoking.

Jackie Squires, Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.

I liked the personal anecdotes that Dr. Malone shared during the interesting and engaging presentation. She is an enthusiastic and fun presenter.

Veronica Sterling, Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.

I enjoyed the presentation which covered a lot of information in a short time. The simple everyday examples made the information relevant to all of us.

Kevin McQuaid, Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.

Very informative and an eye opener on what I can work on.

Cynthia Norman, Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.

Definitely helpful for the work place. Presentation was very delightful.

George Garcia, Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.

Dr. Patty Malone was very engaging and well spoken with great content in her presentation.

Sam Titone, Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.

Patty is a very dynamic speaker and knows her topic well.

Pam Duff, Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.

We really appreciated Dr. Patty Malone coming to speaking to us. Not only was she engaging and informative, her presentation gave us real and practical applications that we could use to improve our professional and even personal relationships. We would strongly encourage others to invite Dr. Malone to speak to them.

Caleb Wong, CC Architects